Tuesday, December 24, 2013

So this is Christmas...

Here's our Christmas card and letter to you!

Josi is in 2nd grade, still plays the violin, and is a weekend warrior, when she gets to indulge in her two loves: books and nature.

Abi has been having a great year so far! She is in fourth grade and is nearing the end of book seven in Suzuki flute.  She has been spending time with the family animals and has visited Chicago on a bus! (written by Abi herself) 

Darel became a high school choir teacher this fall and is enjoying his new position.  He built a treehouse in the backyard and went fully vegan as of this summer.

Keri remains mostly a mom, but has delighted in helping the school earn the Michigan Green School Certificate with an Emerald distinction.  She also has stepped up her teaching and learning by taking on a few tutoring students.  She saw her little urban homestead grow with the addition of a honeybee colony.  She also had bangs cut, so she is getting reacquainted with her blow dryer. 

We're hoping for a happy and healthy 2014 for all of you!

with love - the Middaugh family