Friday, June 16, 2017

Join us tonight at the Ypsilanti Book Crawl

What do these images all have in common?

Find out tonight at the Ypsilanti Book Crawl. We will be at the Michigan Ave Branch of the library sharing our book Screen-Free Summer and hosting a discussion and Activity Buffet. The event is part of the Ann Arbor Book Festival and our portion is sometime between 6 and 7:30pm.

One of my co-authors and I have prepared a reading in shared voices, which promises to be fun.

Come, taste, and see!

Monday, May 15, 2017

Announcing our latest project: Screen-Free Summer book!

Do you ever have an idea, an idea that you just know wants to be realized?  This idea came to us one morning when we were all home, at least one of us nursing a head cold.  We cleared off the table in flurry, rolled out about 4 feet of butcher paper, and started spewing ideas.  The outline came together in less than an hour, and the final product in just a few weeks.

Here it is, our first non-fiction paperback and e-book!

Available on Amazon, of course.

It's 261 ideas for summer fun that do not involve a screen, tablet, computer, or device of any kind. Not because we are against devices and the benefits they offer, but because so much of life requires screens these days, and we find it refreshing to be away from them.  And, because sometimes we need permission, inspiration, and empowerment to go against the norm.

We hereby permit you, inspire you, and empower you to encourage your families to step away from the screen this summer!

We'd love to hear how it goes.  Post your experiences and more ideas for screen-free activities here or on our facebook page (yep, there's a bit of irony there, but hey).

And if you find anything of value in the book, please consider leaving an Amazon review.  That will boost the book's ranking and give us warm fuzzies.