Thursday, October 15, 2009

'tis the season for doughnuts

I love the scent of fresh apple orchard doughnuts. They are almost as romantic as the apples themselves.

So when my mother passed her Donut Factory to me, I got energized.

This device is truly a blast from the past.

It's really just a waffle iron shaped like two O's, with some holes at the top for drizzling oil during the cooking time.

Using it takes some getting used to (use rubber or plastic baby utensils to get the doughnuts out, or you could scratch the non-stick surface), but the scents, sounds, and tastes are so gratifying.

By the way, when are the techies gonna invent something that allows me to record aroma?

My daughters and I had fun with this last week. Meaning: they played in the other room while I made the doughnuts. We all had fun eating them afterward. These we coated in melted chocolate chips thinned with cream (ganache, I guess, but that just sounds way too fancy for us).

And what's better than a Donut Factory sitting on your counter?

That's right, TWO Donut Factories sitting on your counter!

Don't worry. I haven't gone completely batty. I found the second one last year at a resale shop, snagged it, and am passing it along to another budding cook. But I had to try it out first to make sure it was in proper working order. It's all about quality assurance.

The verdict:


  1. I make donuts for the first day of school...I fry them, the kids sugar them. No donut maker for me. Making donuts 2 at a time would be too slow for my gang. Next year I think I will have to double my recipe. Andy did not get any when he got home and was a bit disappointed.

  2. We made churros this way in my high school spanish class. We felt very cultural.

    Yes, can you ever go wrong doubling a recipe?

  3. I second the question when techies will give us the option to smell as well!