Monday, December 14, 2009

a different take on the food guide pyramid

I go to a really great church. Once, a visitor asked me why I liked the church so much, to which I responded, "It's very real here, very relevant." Authentic, meaningful, not fluffy, or stodgy.

Here's an example: about a week ago, the pastor had a sermon called something like "A Thankful Heart Prepares the Way." He made the connection between the old food guide pyramid to the way our thankful heart can focus its thanks.

Now picture the pyramid with 'things' at the top, 'well-being' next, 'relationships' next, and "nature/creation" in the big section at the bottom. I thought it really put into perspective how narrow our thanks can be sometimes (not only "God, thanks for my house" but also, "God, thanks for the rain, my family, my livelihood.")

I think this illustration struck me because I enjoy contemplating nutrition and this connection is easy for me to remember. And how fun would it be to say a complete prayer of thanks over a warm and fragrant meal!

O give thanks unto the Lord, for he is good.


  1. I used to do a quiet time talk that used the food pyramid. I basically proposed that the bottom level (which I decided was "water") was akin to "time with God," and then carbs were "Scripture," protein was "prayer and worship," milk/cheese were "reflection," and the sweets level was fun creative things like drawing, taking walks, etc. I don't know if I'd still do all the levels that way, but it is interesting to think about!

  2. Yes, it is interesting to think about, and so cross-curricular!

  3. Wow, your church is just seconds from my house! Small world :)

  4. Michele, that is too funny. I'm surprised I haven't seen you at the Trader Joes or Whole Foods that we frequent on our way home :)