Saturday, March 23, 2013


Someone has just turned seven over here.  Well, she's been seven for a few weeks now, but we're all still getting used to it.

The theme?  Sea creatures.  Not that she particularly loves any animal that lives in the sea, but a few months ago we came across an idea to make a little terrarium in a jar, plop a plastic sea creature in there, and presto you have a mini ocean garden.

We happened to have, oh, a million extra jars around here, so this craft we could manage.

By the way, when did birthdays start having themes?  When I was a kid, the theme was cake and a few presents.  Every year.

Back to the sea creature theme.

We invited seven friends.


We had Pin the Arm/Leg on the Octopus.

Go Fishing For a Fabric Fish.


Red Pepper with Hummus Octopus.

hummus & bell pepper octopus

And Sea Creature Cupcakes.

Happy Birthday, little sea creature!

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