Sunday, July 21, 2013

There is a house in our tree!

When this drawing appeared on the fridge one morning, we knew the requests to build a treehouse were getting serious.

And why not?  We're a family of nature lovers, and with such a quirky backyard already, we thought a treehouse was starting to make sense.

So we chose a tree.

And checked out books from our beloved library.  It turns out the summer reading program this year has a DIY focus, so we were right up the library's alley.

We were gifted some leftover wood and some overflow enthusiasm from another creative family, and within a day or so, the frame went from Driveway to Tree.

Soon after that, the floors and the rails.

And after hammering about three million nails, the treehouse could hold our family.

We added a rope ladder, a banner, and a basket with pulley.

 The roof? The tree itself!

Home, tree, home!


  1. Awesome! Those kids have the coolest parents.

  2. So danged impressive. (Anonymous Andrew.)

  3. The rope ladder was a bit of a challenge, but even Grandma was able to enjoy the treehopuse. Great job!