Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Goodbye, Mad Eye

Today we said goodbye to one of our backyard chickens, named Mad Eye.  She came to us in the mail when she was just one day old and we quickly saw that she had some kind of eye disorder.  But she lived a fine life all these months, pecking and scratching with the rest of the flock.

She's maybe 2 months old here.

Mad Eye is the brownish one in back.

She even laid plenty of tasty eggs!

Can you tell which eggs came from the backyard and which came from the store?

Then about a month ago, her special needs started to get the best of her.  So today she went to chicken heaven, where I'm sure there are plenty of fat slugs and cracked corn to keep her satisfied.  And no ladies chasing her around the backyard with antibiotic eye drops.

Goodbye, Mad Eye.

Here she is, a few weeks old.

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  1. Sorry Keri. You are such a great pet owner. I know that was hard for you and I hope you ended up doing it in a way that made you feel okay. Big hugs to you! How many chickens get a eulogy, for goodness sakes!?