Monday, January 4, 2010

a christmas assembly line

As Christmas approached, I had the brilliant idea of doing all of my shopping at Trader Joes. Well, the closer Christmas got, two things happened: 1) the idea seemed less brilliant and 2) four of these were staring at me.

That's 20 pounds of chocolate.

Even someone who gets as uninspired as I do around Christmastime can come up with a treat or two to make with 20 pounds of chocolate. Actually, I came up with about 80 treats.

Yes, one cold and snowy night, after the sugarplums were all tucked soundly in bed, Music Man and I cranked out 80 of these babies.

And it was fun.

And it was easy.

And it was done.

Anyone have another idea for how to use the 15 remaining pounds of chocolate?


  1. And might I add they are DELICIOUS!! Thanks for the gift, cous' :-)

  2. we like stained glass windows - 12 oz chocolate (it calls for chocolate chips, so probably just break it up a bit), 1 stick of butter. Microwave until melted together, stiring semi-regularly. Mix in one bag of multi colored mini marshmallows. Turn out the whole mixture onto a piece of aluminum foil topped with a piece of saran wrap. Roll it up into a log and refrigerate until it sets, then slice and serve. Super yummy, but not exactly nutritious.

  3. Jen, I'm glad you liked them! Did any of them actually make it to the hot milk, or did they go straight to the mouth, like we do at our house?

    Nicole, I have fond memories of a childhood friend's mom always making these around the holidays.

  4. Did you find those giant chocolate bars at TJ's? I want them! They don't sell those at ours. Of course, I don't really know what I would DO with one. Most of my recipes require semi-sweet. Do they make the 5 lb bars in special dark?

    p.s. you're adorable next to that jumbo chocolate bar!

  5. I guess I'll confess that those whopping chocolate bars are kickback from Darel's choirs' fundraising efforts. And, yes, most of my baking uses the semi-sweet, but who could resist 20 pounds of milk chocolate?