Friday, April 23, 2010

what to do with All This Glass

My husband sees me scrubbing a glass jar with a brillo pad and he just shakes his head.

He already knows we have a bunch of these in the cupboard.

And a stash of these.

And a small hoard of these.

I know it too. But I just can't bring myself to recycle them. They are too curvy. Too smooth. Too strong. Too, well, glass.

I'd much rather repurpose them. Any ideas for how?

I'm thinking along these lines.


  1. Hey, Keri--MargaBeth, Selassie and I read this blog together and did some brainstorming. Here are a few ideas. MargaBeth said painting the bottles is a good idea for any use, then finding corks that fit the necks to use as tops. The syrup-type bottles seem to have the most potential because of their shape. What about filling them with home-made vinegar with lots of herbs (grown in your own garden, perhaps)included? Maybe buy wholesale honey and repackage it in these bottles. Maybe fill them with nice home-made juices. The other bottles could be filled with soup ingredients, or your granola-type mixtures, as you already suggested. The fancier bottles could be vases, with real or artificial -- or a combination of -- plants. You could give us some of the syrup bottles to melt in the kiln and make cheese and cracker platters out of them. Then decorate the necks with thin copper wire, beads, ribbons, buttons, etc. You could even put small pieces of glass inside and melt then in the center when you flatten them. Sounds like a day for you to come here and do some experimenting. Mom

  2. Holy cow! Those are some amazing ideas. Look what happens when you get three creative people all in one hot tub together!