Saturday, May 29, 2010

Not to be confused with breakfast in bed...

Breakfast in bed is, in my opinion, highly overrated. Crumbs, frantic whispers, favorite jam forgotten. I know this is putting me in the Breakfast Snob category, but really, if someone wants to give me a special morning treat, I'd really prefer it to be in the form of clearing the table or doing the dishes. And while you're at it, could you also fold that pile of laundry. Most of it's yours anyway.

With breakfast in bed, I feel the love, I really do. But I prefer to handle my own breakfast, thank you.

Anyway, totally unrelated to breakfast in bed is Eggs In A Bed. This was my way of looking at eggs and toast with an eye toward fun, love, and ease. Because the way to a child's heart, I've found, is through a cookie cutter.

First you take 1 piece of bread and toast it. (Skip the toasting if you don't keep your bread in the freezer like I do)

Next, take a cookie cutter that represents your current emotion and cut a piece out of the center of the bread. Reserve the bread shape for a topping at the end.

Then, heat a pan, spray it with Pam, set the bread in,

crack an egg into the center of the bread.

Hurry and beat the egg gently with a fork, making sure to get the bread good and messy.

I like to cover this with a lid to help the top to cook faster.

After a few minutes, flip the egg (in its bread bed) over.

After a few more minutes, turn the egg-in-a-bed out onto a plate. Place the reserved bread shape on top. Sometimes we opt to butter the edges for extra yumminess!

So whenever we're getting bored with regular ol' eggs and toast, we have eggs-in-a-bed. At the table.

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