Saturday, June 19, 2010

so, how's that working for you?

A while back, I mentioned that our family was attempting a lasagna garden. In raised boxes that we coerced our friends and relations to construct for us. Telling them that it was a party game. With prizes.

"So, how's that working for you?" you may wonder.

Well, we still have friends and relations. *And* the garden is amazing. Let me show you.

Last fall, the garden resembled piles of kitchen scraps on cardboard.

This spring/summer, there is food bursting forth from just about every inch of it!

The onions look promising.

The purple beans are adorable.

The snap peas charm me every time.

Lettuce, anyone? I've got a bumper crop.

Dinner the other night: sauteed spinach with garlic, over pasta.

And strawberries for dessert. Forgive my daughter here, she's enthusiastic.

And after tucking in my two children, I peek out the window and say Good Night to my garden.

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