Thursday, January 6, 2011

Use What You Have, Part 1

This is my new favorite mantra, adopted from Amanda Soule's books Handmade Home and The Creative Family. For each project, the author has a Use What You Have section, listing the materials that you probably already have tucked somewhere in your home.

Turns out there are a lot of materials tucked around my home too. And doesn't it just make sense? Why spend time, energy, and money to buy something when you could just get a little creative and use something that is begging for another chance at life?

My mind is so infused with repurposing projects that I'm sure I'll have to report back with more Use What You Have updates.

You already saw the produce mesh that became festive gift wrapping.

You saw the wine bottles that delivered liters of crunchy holiday cheer.

What about that little embroidered wool sweater, that is now a little too, well, little?

After a some work with scissors, needle, and thread, ...

It's my new favorite purse! (ok, alright, the handles are new from the fabric store, but I had a coupon)

What about all those plastic bags that I seem to accumulate, even though I try really hard to bring my canvas bags to the grocery store?

With a little time with the iron, scissors, fabric, and sewing machine, ...

They are the latest in bagged lunch cuteness! (and a much-needed ziploc replacement). Here are the instructions.

And this is just the beginning. I'm excited to make fabric gift wrap, a curtain from an old duvet cover, and with any luck, a memory quilt from the girls' baby clothes.

If only this January energy lasts the whole year!

What ideas do you have for repurposing items around your house?

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