Monday, January 17, 2011

Use What You Have, Part 2

I absolutely love the Use What You Have approach to life. Didn't someone famous say "Necessity is the mother of invention."? Oh, yeah, I think it was Plato. (I think I need to make more PlayDough.)

Here's the latest in making-life-wonderful-without-spending-money-or-making-trash:

Rose Pillowcases from an old duvet cover.

What I don't have: nice throw pillows
What I do have: old throw pillows, an unused duvet cover, and a sewing machine

Take a look at the result of last Saturday morning.

What we don't have: unlimited funds for heating
What we do have: Wood

How about this sweet scene?

What we don't have: a TV
What we do have: kids who love reading, writing, and fairytales

Way better than Saturday morning cartoons, don't ya think?

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