Thursday, October 27, 2011

Have you been to the Ypsi Food Co-op recently?

I really need to get there more often. They have local ... everything. Well, almost everything. And fun alternatives to the automatic way we've been doing things. Like plasticware. They have some that's made of corn and is compostable. Not exactly my style, as I'd rather just bring my own silverware from home when I go a-picnic-ing. But I'm thinking school cafeteria here. Field Day. Class parties. And the like.

Anyway, I'm pleased, proud, and downright giddy to announce that some of my products are available for sale at The Ypsilanti Food Co-op! Swing by their location on River Street in Depot Town to pick up a Snack Pack, a Sandwich Wrap, or some Fabric Gift Bags!

As you know, all of my stuff is made from repurposed materials.

So use this as an excuse to get thee to Ypsi and visit the Co-op. With Depot Town around the corner and the Firehouse Museum just down the road, you could make a little trash-free day of it.

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  1. Congratulations to you! What a great opportunity!