Thursday, March 29, 2012

Look who's perching!

It goes without saying that we are so delighted by our little chicks.  They are 10 days old today and already reaching milestones.  They are getting lots of adult feathers on their wings, shoulders, and tails, but still are mostly the cute fluff that makes chicks so adorable.  They realized that it's not super fun to be held by humans and now screech and run when it's time to change their bedding.  Speaking of which, is daily reminding me more and more of a barnyard. Not in a cute, charming way.

And they are so jumpy now that I put the lid on the stockpot to keep them from hopping out for the eternal 3 minutes that it takes me to change the bedding.  Yes, it does look like I'm making chicken soup with 5 live chickens, but I promise I'm not!

And they perch.

We had to upgrade their brooder from the galvanized tub to a large cardboard box, mainly because of their jumping and flapping skills.  Now they are safe and sound in the box with its high walls.  Plus the scenery is better because this used to be my daughters' play box and so it's decorated with crayon murals for their viewing pleasure.  And there is room for natural habitat stuff like branches.

The name discussion continues but is nearing its conclusion.  Any final suggestions of children's book characters?


  1. How about Peter Pan, Bambi, Goldilocks, Batman, Humpty Dumpty?? :-) Dad/Grampa

  2. So cute Keri. I can't believe you didn't get any Buff Orpingtons!! They are so kid and people friendly. Like little puppies following us around the yard. Maybe next spring. FYI...I'm sending you an email.