Monday, March 19, 2012

Rich in Eggs (Easiest Ice Cream)

I'm delighted that we've been getting our milk and eggs from the local Calder Dairy for about five years now.  Every Friday morning, Calder brings 2 half-gallons of skimmed milk, 2 half-gallons of 2% milk, and 2 dozen farm fresh eggs.  That's right, we have a milkman.  Stan, the milkman!  I love the sound of the clinking bottles as Stan whisks away our empty ones, leaving us with the milkiest milk I've ever tasted.

I love that I feel like I'm doing at least a small part to keep my food dollars here in Southeastern Michigan.  I saw that study that reported that just spending $10 per day locally would save the world, one dairy cow at a time.  Or something like that.  The fun was enhanced when we visited the actual dairy farm and saw that one of the cows shares a name with my younger daughter.

The only downfall, if you can even call it that, is that occasionally we have a surplus of eggs.  If I haven't been on top of my game omelette-wise, then on Friday afternoon, we could very well have 3 or 4 dozen eggs in the fridge.

Then I have to get creative.

Seeing that I'm all of a sudden rich in eggs, I look for ideas to use lots of them in fun ways.  Recently we all had a hankering for ice cream during one of our Abundant Egg Times.  Luckily I had this recipe tucked away.

Easiest Ice Cream (modified from Everyday Food from a few years back)

Beat 1 and 3/4 cups cream until stiff peaks form.  Let this whipped cream sit in the fridge.

Heat 1/3 cup honey in your smallest saucepan until it boils, stirring throughout. Cook for another minute or two.  Remove from heat.

In another bowl, beat 4 egg yolks until they are creamy and pale-ish.  Add the honey in a slow stream, beating the whole time.  Beat until the mixture is about room temperature, a few more minutes.

Fold this mixture into the whipped cream (stir slowly with a rubber spatula).  Pour all of this into a bread pan.  Cover with plastic wrap and freeze for about 2 hours.

We like this plain or with any variety of toppings.  But my favorite thing about this recipe is that it only uses 3 ingredients and is easy to scale up or down depending on how much you'd like to make.

Or in my case, how many eggs I'd like to use up.

Stay tuned for other Rich in Egg ideas.

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