Sunday, July 15, 2012

There's a first for everything.

Call us crazy, but we were so dedicated to our bedtimes that just this year did we take our children to a local fireworks display.  Until this summer, the only fireworks they had experienced were on screen before Disney movies, or the box of sparklers that they twirled around last year.

We packed up the picnic blanket, lots of snacks, and children's charades, and off we went.

Throughout the evening, we felt the need to explain the many facets of this American tradition, including why the fireworks are seen before they are heard, and at one point the Music Man even hummed the Star-Spangled Banner.  Kids are sometimes like little foreigners, aren't they?

We adults thought the display was quite nice, but look at the kids' faces!

There's definitely a red glare here, as bombs were bursting in the air.

Happy birthday, country of mine.

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  1. Keri!!! This is the FIRST time they saw them?? You silly mamma! The year is the first time we "missed" them (we were driving home from Kalahari resort in Ohio). We usually hit a local fireworks display every year. It's great fun for the kids and also Ron and I. Just a tip for next year though. Make a trip to the dollar store a few days ahead of time and take your pick from all the cool glow sticks, wands, ball and everything else they offer a choice of. Kids have a ball with this stuff in the dark. Your pictures are great and the faces of your kids are priceless.

    Blessings always!