Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Speaking of goals.

A while back I was singing the praises of my little kitchen chalkboard.  It held my three goals for 2012 and held my attention so I wouldn't be swept away by my seemingly endless projects.  Because the Music Man and the girls are home for the summer, the chalkboard now contains their doodles, figures, and ideas.  But I'm okay sharing my chalkboard because, as of last month, my third goal is complete.

I now have a stall as The Eventual Farmer at the bustling Ann Arbor Farmer's Market at Kerrytown!  I'm delighted to be at this market even if I'm required to be there by 6am (yes, that's Six In The Morning).  It's actually very serene to watch the sun rise over hardworking farmers arranging their fruits, vegetables, flowers, breads, and meats.

And the people!

The people are great fun.  Some of my neighboring vendors include a sheep farmer; a pair that makes baby food (and they deliver!); an agency looking for host families for exchange students; a veteran baker; and young, trendy, tattooed farmers.

If you are in the area on a Saturday, consider yourself invited to come visit me at Kerrytown!

Will I see you this Saturday?


  1. Looks like one heck of a farmer's market! I'm still waiting for you to come into Oakland County for something. Then I'll come to meet you!! :)

  2. Wonderful! Can't wait until I can see you in your own stall there. Mom/Sheila