Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Now laying!

We were wondering when those chickens would start laying.  And we were getting asked the same by many friends and relatives.  I tried to have a laid back approach and had September 1st on my mental calendar for a good egg deadline for our 5 backyard hens.

And yet, I checked those nest boxes daily.  I wanted the surprise.

So yesterday, when Music Man and I went out to move the coop (just cuz' it's mobile doesn't mean it marches around the yard on its own, I wish), I took off the right side of the coop to lighten the load by a few pounds.  And what was sitting there so quietly?

Six eggs!

Two tiny ones, three regular ones, and a double-yolker.

I think it's appropriate that our first discovery was a half-dozen.  And oh-so-tasty.

We cooked up those eggs so fast, they almost seemed unreal.  I had to refer to the photos and empty shells to remind myself that our hens (or at least some of them) are now laying.

Any ideas about how to teach them to lay in the actual next boxes?

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