Sunday, August 26, 2012

Mommy Camp, Daddy Camp

Earlier this summer, the four of us took a look at the weeks that stretched before us and realized we needed a plan.  Not a schedule so much, but a concrete idea of how best to enjoy our gift of time.  We discussed goals.  We spoke of chores.  We suggested outings.  And we came up with a pretty good plan.

Mommy Camp, Daddy Camp!

Because both Mommy and Daddy had Stuff To Get Done.  Daddy had never-ending music planning to do.

 And Mommy had ever-engaging market business to attend to.

So, we all decided that the kids with be with me for the morning time, and with Daddy in the afternoon.  During the evenings, we'd have family game nights or movie nights or bike rides or visits with family and friends.

About halfway through the summer, I realized I was hearing a lot about other kids and their camps.  Baseball camp.  Band camp.  Bubble camp.  And I realized that our kids were pretty much doing the same thing, but they were doing it with their parents.

And sometime in July, our time had a fun new name.

Mommy Camp, Daddy Camp!

Mommy Camp tends to include an outing or two,


kitchen skills,

repurposing crafts,


Do you recognize these children's books?  "Little Georgie came tumbling down the rabbit burrow, panting out the tidings." and "She was about the size of a gumdrop."

fun with nail polish,

all manner of living room forts,

nature play,

collecting eggs,

trips to the library.

Daddy Camp gravitates toward bike rides, running,

music theory, typing skills, folding clothes, and experimental photography.

taken by Abi
taken by Abi

taken by Abi
taken by Josi

So when you ask my kids, "What did you do this summer?" and they answer "Mommy Camp, Daddy Camp!" you'll know what in the world they are talking about.

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