Monday, September 3, 2012

Thinking of book talks.

It's back to school time at our house and we're all excited about it!  We had a really fun and full summer, but doesn't it seem like just yesterday when school was in session last spring?  Kids were coming home with more and more freckles each day, as they had outdoor recess, outdoor phys ed class, field day, and various other outdoor fun.  I was popping into all sorts of classes, sharing the joy that is My Detroit Garden and bringing along a seed planting activity as well.  That's right, I brought soil.  Into schools.

We had a great time reading the book and discussing key words such as author, illustrator, spine, soil, compost.  Then we planted seeds into plantable containers with some careful instructions (No flooding! No tipping!).  Students, teachers, and author had fun, memorable times with these book talks.

The day after one particularly sweet time, the teacher handed me a large manilla envelope containing an impressive stack of thank-you notes written by kindergarteners.  Oh, the joy that was in that envelope!

Dear Mrs. Middaugh, Thank you for the book and the seed. I hope you have a great day.  From Anna.

I think my favorite was this one:

I love you, Mrs. Middaugh. You are the best in the land.

As classes start up this fall, I wonder what adventures the school year will bring.

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