Friday, September 14, 2012

How the library told me I'm a Dog Person.

I was getting our ever-widening stack of library books ready to return, when I realized that unintentional themes frequently appear in this stack.  About a year ago, I was reading books that looked like this.

And over the summer, we went through a phase that looked like this.

kids cookbooks!

And the themes aren't limited to books.  Remember this?

Most recently, I noticed a bunch of these books.

That's right.  Dog-themed poetry.

I know, it seems silly, but ever since we welcomed this big personality into our home,

we have all become Dog People.

We were just tickled to read aloud these poems, all from the point of view of various dogs.  And we can relate.

From Stella, Unleashed, entitled For Butch, Who Went Off to Obedience School

They wanted a complaint dog
who wouldn't drool or shed,
who'd lie contented at their feet
(instead of on their bed),
who'd never track in dirt or mud,
who'd do just as they wish,
who wouldn't dig or chew or snore . . .

they should have bought a fish.

Or how about this one from Good Dog, from a Boston Terrier?  I think I like it because our terrier mix has the same cheerful zest.

Oh yes, oh yes!
Well, first I went,
I went to the vet.
And yes, I was, 
I was good.

And then, and then
we went to the park.
And yes, I ran.
I ran and ran!

And next, then next 
I saw a cat!
And yes, I chased
and growled and barked.
I showed that cat!

So now! What now?
Oh yes, a kiss!
And still a scratch,
and then,
just then,
I'll lay

Our dog is forever curious about what's going on in the neighborhood.

Just like this one from Stella, Unleashed; Dispatch From the Front Lawns

Spike was digging holes again.
Winnie woke up late.
Uh-oh! Bruno's on the loose
(they haven't fixed that gate.)

Mugsy stomped the daffodils.
Sulu lost her shoes.
Quit pulling, please!
I need some time to sniff the latest news.

This dog is enriching our lives in all sorts of ways!

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  1. So, when is Tillie's book coming out?