Monday, August 20, 2012

Take me out to the Nature Zoo.

When people think of downtown Detroit, a Nature Zoo with a deer-feeding opportunity does not normally come to mind.

They might think of crime, struggling schools, the baseball stadium, or even urban gardening.  But not usually a memorable nature experience.

When I heard about the Nature Zoo on Detroit's Belle Isle, I was determined to go.  So we gathered up some nature-loving friends and made an outing of it.

It was fun to see the Detroit River, the tall buildings, and the island itself.  Because we arrived right as the Zoo opened, the naturalist was happy to show us all around.  I could almost picture him as a little boy, catching and releasing all sorts of turtles, salamanders, and fish, as he walked us though the different exhibits, explaining this and that.

We touched antlers and animal hides.

We saw bees and turtles doing their thing.

We even fed the mysterious and beautiful herd of white fallow deer.  These creatures were so mystical, for a moment I thought I was in Narnia.

After the fun of all that nature up close, we ventured on over to the giant slide.  You know it's a good slide when it costs a dollar to go down once.  We climbed 91 steps to the top, slid ourselves into big burlap sacks, then hoped for the best as we zoomed down.

Lunch in the park completed the day.

I'm so glad that Detroit is committed to nature education and a crazy fast slide!

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