Sunday, April 29, 2012

my chalkboard

For several years, I had wanted a chalkboard.  Not for my (then) classroom, but for my kitchen.  I had visions of weekly menus or trendy coffeehouse lettering.  About 3 years ago, I found an old, heavy chalkboard at a yard sale, unpriced.  I handed the lady a twenty and went skipping to my car, carrying my chalky dream-come-true.

The menus and coffeehouse lettering never made it up there because it quickly became clear what the chalkboard was meant for.  It's my cheerleader, my reminder, my curb, my tally, my logo.  As a Chief Home Officer (hey, we active stay-at-homes need a better title than one that begins with something as inactive as "stay"), I needed somewhere to post my mission statement, my goals, my verse of the week.  Parenting and running a home is sometimes so intangible, that I needed something visual.  Something concrete.  Something chalky.

A while back I compiled a list of accomplishments of the past year.  It was only after this review that I was able to set some measurable, attainable goals for this year.  May is just a few days away and I'm pleased to report that one goal for this year has been clearly met.


If all goes as planned, I'll have more news tomorrow about a second goal.  I'm practically  bursting with the excitement of it, but I'll just have to leave you with these pictures from earlier today.

The Music Mans oversees interaction between the canine and fowl members of our household.  

Until tomorrow,

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