Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Our chickens get friendly

For the first 14 days of their lives, our chicks have been busy getting bigger and mostly ignoring us.   Yes, we handle them to change the litter.  Yes, they scurry and take cover when we sneeze within 5 feet of the brooder.

But starting, oh, around, yesterday, the chicks have been hopping up on our hands when we reach in the brooder.  They are fun to carry around, perched on our bodies.

They are getting sturdy enough now that we're not afraid they're going to keel over without warning, so we all got brave and took them outside.  It was fun to see them in more or less a natural habitat.  And they seemed to really like the grass and sun.

I think this is going to be a fun, feathery summer!


  1. As if the Middaugh household wasn't cute enough!

    Now, are you going to, um, be having wings during football season, or are these guys strictly for eggs?

  2. Oh so fun! I can't wait to get our new babies. They really do love to be outside. Put them in a bed with dirt, and they'll instinctively begin to dust bathe! Also Keri, you can cut out a little piece of sod and put it the brooder. They will love that! If you get a suet feeder, you can put fresh green's in for them to eat up in the brooder as well. They'll freak out when they see you hang it against the wall, but eventually one brave girl will take a taste and then they'll all jump in. :)

  3. They are so cute and how fun for your kids : ) I want to do this, but I am going to have to sneak it by our ever-vigilant HOA!