Saturday, April 21, 2012

They have names!

"So, how are the chicks?"

Everyone from the neighbor to the pastor, from my colleagues to my mother is asking me this lately.

"They're big, and they are turning into pullets."

Pullet is the chicken name for teenager and, while I'm not exactly sure when chicks are considered pullets, my birds are no longer cute and not yet productive. So, yes, I think I have pullets.

And they have names!

This is Black Star, the friendliest of the bunch.  She's a Barred Rock.

She's bigger than the neighbor's house!

Here is Sarah, Plain and Tall, another Barred Rock

This is Madeye, a Salmon Faverolle.

Here is Pippi Longstocking, another Salmon Faverolle.

And finally, this is Clementine, a Buckeye.

You might have picked up a theme with the names.  Yes, they are all children's book characters, suggested by various members of the family.  Can anyone name all 5 books that they come from?  Leave your answer in the comments below, and we will be impressed!


  1. The only one I don't know is Black Star! Sarah, Plain and Tall is from a book by that same name. Madeye is from the Harry Potter books. Pippi Longstocking and Clementine are also from books where their names are their titles.

    You can tell your kiddos I was a big reader too as a kid, and still am.


  2. "No longer cute and not yet productive." What a great definition of an adolescent!

  3. Very pretty girls. I think I can shed some light on the "pullet" thing for you Keri. A pullet is a female chicken who is under one year old. Even when they are chicks, they are pullets. When your girls are a year old, then they'll be considered "hens". :-)

  4. I came across your blog when I was reading up on gender differences with salmon faverolles. Mine look exactly like yours - with dark feathers coming in on their chests. Are you certain that yours are hens? I'm keeping my fingers crossed that my 2 little girls don't turn out to be boys!

    1. HI Deirdre, Yes, I'm certain that these are hens. No crowing, no extra fancy feathers, overall pleasant personality. No eggs, yet, though, as they are only about 3 months old. I'm hopeful for August or September :) Best wishes to you and your hens!