Monday, January 2, 2012

To do? I'm done! A list of 2011.

Yesterday I sat down to make a Goals 2012 List. I'm not a big fan of resolutions, which usually involve promises to myself that I'm not prepared to keep. But goals I like. In the last few years I've even been so gentle with myself as to start most goals with the word 'consider.' As in "Consider expanding the garden" or "consider doing yoga 3 times a week." Hey, a little bit of thoughtfulness goes a long way, and I figure I should give myself permission to toss some goals aside if they become unimportant or get displaced by something more pressing. Life happens, at least to me.

So as I sat down to make my new list of goals, I came across my list from last year. I was delighted to see that I had either accomplished most things, set some aside for later (this year!), or decided it was unimportant althogether (sew twirls skirts for my girls? Nah.)

Here's what I managed to eek out in good ol' 2011:

  • expanded the garden, cleaned out the pond, started the raspberry garden, gave away lots of cheerful sunflowers
  • visited 5 backyard chicken coops, read several chicken husbandry books
  • started writing a non-fiction book
  • put that book on hold to take my sustainability hobby to the public, in the form of a small business with a presence at the local farmers market and food co-op
  • gave away several bags of clothes, books, toys, household items to charity
  • took a personal finance class at church to tighten our systems and build encouragement for financial goals
  • researched, wrote, and partially illustrated a children's book
  • attended 2 family weddings
  • helped 2 friends move to happy homes
  • navigated our family's first school conflict
  • took advantage of absent children and husband by hosting an heirloom recipe party
  • incorporated Newberry Award books and classics into our read-alouds and car book-on-cd time
  • taught my daughters to jump rope
  • met several more people in my church by joining the Artist Way small group, the Ypsi Social Club, and a couples group
  • served as project manager for a bathroom remodel
  • painted my bedroom and my daughter's bedroom
  • organized the mezzanine (aka, the craft room, the giveaway room, the file room, etc)
  • made 2 quilts with repurposed fabric
  • taught Sunday School to toddlers, specializing in memory verses with actions
  • taught a bread-making class at my church's Camp Create
  • embarked on several urban, cultural adventures, including the Rembrandt exhibit at the DIA, the People Mover, and the Farm and Food Tour
  • sowed into relationships with playdates and Sunday dinners
  • (my husband had to remind me of this one!) managed our home, including daily meals, laundry, carpool, and homework support
Now that I can see how fun and full 2011 was, I'm ready to tackle 2012.

How about you?

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  1. Wow! What a fun year! You always inspire me. I'm still refining my 2012 goal list. I'm currently working on a mommy manifesto/mommy mission statement. Among other things.