Monday, January 30, 2012

Use What You Have (Part whatever): clementine boxes

Clementine boxes.  I want to love them.  They are so cute and wooden.  A thousand uses should be spilling into my brain.  But the only thing that I can think to do with them is to store craft paints.

My younger daughter (who must be part fairy) came up with this idea.

"Get the hot glue gun, Mommy!"

And she proceeded to use kindling (as in, sticks), yarn, and other do-dads to make this little fairy garden.

There have got to be more uses for clementine boxes.  Do share your ideas and rescue me from fairyland!


  1. Could you use them as kindling? It seems like you could probably also grow a plant in them or use them to divide up your garden come spring (remove the bottom, flip it upside down and pound into ground, fill with soil - tiny raised garden)

  2. Love it! I remember when she brought the fairy house made out of an oatmeal container (I think), covered in pieces of bark to preschool. It even had a little door -- I really loved that! This is even more intricate and detailed!

  3. There is a cute idea in this month's Family Fun magazine: make the box into a doll house. And they recommend hollowing out a couple of clementines in a particular way and using them for votive holders!