Saturday, January 21, 2012

Girls' Night In, with a purpose

It's becoming a habit.  The Music Man goes out of town.  I throw a party.

Last year was tasty with the Heirloom Recipe Party.  This year, I decided to up the anty a little bit and bring in not one, but two, guest speakers.  They are sisters that work together under the name Clutter Be Gone to help people get organized.

I set up the party,

cake balls, who can resist these?

fruit kabobs
no party is complete without chunky salsa

ice luminaries

delegating the signage to my daughters

People actually came.

And the presenters gave us a serious dose of motivation to declutter and simplify our lives.

Some magnets served as a takeaway reminder of something we learned.

A charity truck came the next morning to whisk away the giveaway items that we had all brought from home.


I know the purpose of the party was not to trade junk, but I couldn't help falling in love with this oddly charming garden post.  Do you think snow peas would grow up this?

One group of ladies already planned next year's party for me: a proper clothing/housewares exchange.

What are you doing the next third-weekend-in-january?


  1. Keri,
    Maria alerted me to the 15-minute fame of my garden post. I'm glad it has found someone to love it! Enjoy, enjoy! (And thank you for welcoming me to the party. I had a fun and informative time.)

  2. Katherine, I'm glad you had a good time! I'll try to remember to post a picture of your garden post in action this coming spring :) See you at the next party!