Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Heroween Halloween

Apparently we not only celebrate Halloween over here, but Heroween as well.

Heroween?  It's our school's attempt at educationalizing (is that a word?) Halloween.  The kids are supposed to dress up as a real life hero (think: nurse, firefighter, etc.) or a historical character (think: Betsy Ross, Abe Lincoln, last year there was an Obama).  Since I'm not a big fan of Halloween anyway (too much sugar, spookiness, and walking around in the cold), Heroween gets minimal attention from me.  I actually contemplated an early dismissal from school.

Then some fun ideas came.  I lobbied heavily for Mozart, the angel Gabriel, Martha Graham.  I waved velvet capes, feathery wings, and flowy dresses.  The children would have none of it.

Instead, they found suit coats and boxy handbags at the secondhand store.

They are lawyers.


And we did manage to carve pumpkins before SuperStorm Sandy and the squirrels took the faces off of them.

This year, one perk is that I'm doing a small part to increase awareness about trash-free events by donating a class set of reusable cups and the offer to wash them before and after the party.

Pretty festive, huh?

Happy Fall, everyone!

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