Sunday, November 4, 2012

Super Saturday

I did not wake up intending for the day to be filled with so many amazing things.

They just kept popping up!

The first was a flute-a-thon, which was a 5-hour time of flute music to benefit a project in Haiti.  We lasted about an hour.  Very fun and flutey.

The next was an impulsive craft.  My daughter knows I'm a sucker for the glue gun and nature, and she knows she's onto something good when she combines the two.


The other super surprise was something I found when I was planting garlic.

A stash of hidden chicken eggs.  Nine of them!  Behind the shed!

I'm really hoping that Clementine is responsible for this, because that would mean all 5 of our hens are now laying.  This particular hen clucks to the beat of a different drummer, forcing us all to get our feathers a little ruffled, so having a hidden stash of eggs would fit her personality just right.

Combine all that with an extra hour due to Daylight Savings Time, and, wow, what a day!

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