Monday, November 5, 2012

Can I interest you in a little something?

In between the regular day-in day-out of school, music, and meals, I've been working on a little something.

Around here there is always something brewing.

I've recently focused my online presence with this new website:

Mostly it's a spot for customers to find my sustainable items and children's book online.

Have you wrapped your sandwich today?

Another fun happening is that my daughters' school is working toward the Michigan Green School Certificate and I'm chronicling these efforts in the form of a blog:
South Arbor Goes Green!

Do check it out and share with other parents.  I'm hoping that, just as we borrow and implement the good ideas that we stumble upon, the ideas shared here would inspire  others to live a tad more responsibly.

What fun projects do you have brewing?


  1. Good job on going green. Are the birdhouses for sale?

  2. Currently, there is no plan to sell the birdhouses. If there is enough interest, I could see the Boy Scouts taking this opportunity as a fundraiser.

  3. Read the going green info. Great job! I can't seem to get to the other page, your site. Maybe I am missing something.