Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Ah, Lunasa.

You gotta love Lunasa.  This online farmers' market is such a creative idea for connecting food producers with local customers in a warm, festive way.  In fact, I first connected with Lunasa during their December Open House Market one year ago.

This past Friday was their first of two December Open House Markets, so anyone (members and non-members alike) are welcome to come.  It's housed in a vacant barn at the Washtenaw Food Hub, so that's always fun!

There was a host of beautiful and delicious items.  There were regular farmers' market goods like eggs, meats, jams, breads, and produce.

Then, just for the yule of it, there were vendors who brought their jewelry, yarn, cutting boards, and teepee tents.

Intrigued?  See for yourself at the next Open House Market on December 21st!

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  1. Wow! wish I'd known (and had money!) Looks simply wonderful.