Monday, December 3, 2012

KindleFest, 2012

I'm happy to report that my first outdoor night market was lots of fun.  While I'm not exactly sure what the word KindleFest means in German (Kristy, wanna help me out?), for me it meant 'best market ever'!

The booths were so beautiful, colorful, fragrant, creative.  The vendors were cheerful and welcoming.  And the customers were curious and generous.

Here are some visuals:

warming station

sweet wooden dollhouse

soap, not fudge!

fairy houses

wooden cars and trucks

what's a night market without a lantern parade?
wooden spoons
beeswax candles
skinny santas
here's my booth, notice the fun mobiles of the vendor next door!

Next market, Lunasa, Friday 4 - 7pm, Washtenaw Food Hub!

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