Friday, September 4, 2009

How much is too much?

Yesterday was a big kitchen day for me. Chocolate ginger cookies because my youngest turned three-and-a-half.

Martha's butter pie crust for tonight's chicken pot pie (using planned leftovers).

Shredded zucchini to freeze for the winter's zucchini bread.

Banana muffins to take to Greenfield Village today. Salmon cakes for last night's dinner.

I feel full just thinking about it.

I used every mixing bowl, measuring cup, and baking sheet I own. And I ran the dishwasher twice. And left a counter full of dirty dishes. Really, is this all necessary? Of course not, but it's so much fun.

It helped that my husband took pity on me and dragged in the computer and popped in a Netflix around 9pm. What a supportive companion he is!

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