Wednesday, September 2, 2009

My disorder disorder

I have a problem with disorder. I can't seem to conquer it. It actually makes me feel slightly uneasy to have my kitchen totally in order. It doesn't feel like my kitchen for the 8 minutes that it manages to stay pristine. So today, there's at least one thing in the sink, one thing on the counter, one thing on the fridge. Mostly it's more than one thing. There are lots of things. And they don't even really belong in the kitchen. Sunglasses, candles, papers, artwork, bills, ponyties. But they just wanna be where I am. Where I go, they go. Sometimes I get really energetic (read:frantic) and put everything in its rightful place. That's usually about 30 minutes before guests come over. I'm so exhausted after that, that I treat myself to tossing some random object on the counter. There, that's better.

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