Monday, November 9, 2009

Mom Interrupted

Mom interrupted, painting interrupted, cold/flu interrupted, kitchen interrupted.

We had quite a weekend around here. Both girls were slightly sickly, but hanging in there. My living room painting project was sailing along nicely (2 walls down, 2 to go!). We even baked some scrumptious cinnamon rolls

and took a stroll around the neighborhood.

Then, after the girls' bath on Saturday night, I walked into my kitchen. You know, my favorite room of the house, my vice. And it was raining in there. Yes, water falling from the cupboards, ceiling, and light fixture. You can imagine the hollering that followed.

It took us 2 hours to clean up the soggy mess (picture a salt shaker filled with water, a waterlogged roll of paper towel, my various to-do lists illegible, and a recipe or two gone forever).

I don't have pictures of the fiasco because I was too busy hollering (see above) to grab the camera.

I can only write rationally about it now because the plumber fairy came today and made it all better.

And life continues as usual.

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