Thursday, November 12, 2009

what IS that thing?

It was very solemnly given to me by one of my husband's ancestors. The ancient's eyes locked with mine. "I know you'll use it," he uttered.

All I could do was nod.

But what the flip IS this thing, I thought.

Come to find out, if used improperly, that is, with other people in the house who could possibly come within 20 feet of you, it's a knuckle slicer.

This device is to be used ALONE. Under the influence of no substance stronger than a multi-vitamin. With no distracting ambient noise.

But used properly, this other blast from the past slices the thinnest onions for caramelizing, the fastest carrots for simmering, the neatest potatoes for windowpaning.

In my house you must be 12 months old to stir batter, 4 years old to crack an egg, and 3 decades old to try your hand at this thing.

Oh, yeah, the thing has a name. It's some type of mandoline.

Thank you, Grandpa Bud.

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