Monday, February 15, 2010

crazy for crepes

I'm not sure what possessed me the other day. But I woke up thinking that I could not allow my children to go another day without experiencing the crepe.

Crap? they said.

No, my honeys, crepe.

Crop? they said.

I had to stop everything and sing Le Poissons from The Little Mermaid.

So we made crepes.

Crepes with jam (for the older child), crepes with applesauce (for me), crepes with butter and cinnamon sugar (for the younger child), crepes with sliced banana (for me again. Hey, I was hungry). Really, can you have a wrong filling for a crepe? Turns out, black pepper isn't all that enjoyable (older daughter discovered this).

And by 8:30am, we had had our daily cultural experience and could move on with life.


  1. I made crepes over the summer a couple of times, and I couldn't stop this refrain in my head: "Crepes are an excellent vehicle for leftovers!" This must have wiggled into my brain from one of my cookbooks. Anyway, we filled them with chicken and ham and cheese (leftovers), and while the girls didn't love them that way, they did enjoy chocolate-chip-filled ones for dessert. Grown-ups loved them both ways!

    Have you seen the Nigella Lawson version with pesto and ham -- her version of "Green Eggs and Ham"? YUM.

  2. Ann, thanks for the leftover suggestion. That would surely boost the protein content of this carb-heavy dish. And, I think Nigella and I need to spend some quality time together very soon.