Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Natural dyes for Easter eggs

I know it's a bit early for dying Easter eggs, but I couldn't help myself. This chilly weather, combined with a not-very-springy Spring Break, was starting to get to me and I really needed a craft. That used turmeric.

I'm not sure why, but I love that color. That warm, orangey, fragrant color.

So I invited some cheery friends over and called it a play date. We busted out an ugli fruit,

wrangled the dog,

and engaged in general merriment.

But really it was all about the eggs.

I took the 'recipe' from my latest favorite book: Keeping Chickens by Ashley English.

(In case you are wondering, yes, my dear city allows 4 backyard hens, but, no, we're not getting any. At least, not this year.)

We used pots of coffee, blueberries, red cabbage, and turmeric.

We boiled,


and boiled some more.

And finally...

we had our eggs.

I was super pleased with the results, except for the red cabbage. Those eggs looked just as white as when we dropped them in. Plus, they ended up only soft-boiled. Even though it's not my personal favorite, one friend was delighted and claimed them for herself!

Next year, I'd like to try spinach for green, and maybe something for pink or red. Any ideas out there?

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