Monday, April 25, 2011

Dying eggs, round 2

Never mind that Easter was officially yesterday.

We need to get pink eggs.

Although there was definitely a big, fat, adventurous spirit to our last egg-coloring event, I came away really longing for that cheerful pink egg.

A friend suggested hibiscus tea. Nice idea, except that my local grocery store just sells regular stuff, so I had to settle for a combo pack of fruit teas. A humorous home remedy story comes to mind, in which I accidentally dyed my daughter's face red with a cranberry tea.

I get the tea home and see that the first ingredient in 4 out of 5 tea flavors is hibiscus. Sheesh.

So we try again.

This time we have Raspberry Zinger, True Blueberry, and Country Passion Peach. Someone else mentioned that they never dye white eggs at their house, only brown, because the results are so much more interesting. We try both.

The results: Brown and Browner.

I think I'll wait till next year to try the beets. I'm up to my vent in egg salad.

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