Tuesday, May 3, 2011

What's new in the yarden?

The other day I let the word yarden slip when speaking in a group of people. What do they say, "Out of the mouth comes the overflow of the heart?" or something like that. But it's true, whenever we have an uncertain area of the yard, someone in the family suggests planting berries or perennials there. So, slowly but surely, our yard is shrinking and the garden is growing. Hence, yarden.

The Music Man pulled out the power tools and built me this charming gate. Hopefully that will cut down on the unauthorized munching.

One afternoon last fall I got possessed and pulled up all the unruly plants around the Japanese maple and made a serene, little rock garden from the stones we had discovered buried elsewhere in the yard. Since this is what I see from the kitchen sink, the dinner table, and our bedroom windows, I really wanted it to whisper "peace."

Spring surprises me every year with these beauties.

As always, I've got a surplus of green onions in the herb spiral. Anyone want some? They do well just about anywhere, even containers.

Only two more weeks till (vegetable) planting time!


  1. Beautiful spring garden! I really need to try daffodils again. Love, Mom.