Wednesday, May 11, 2011

What's this I hear about the Farmers' Market?

Well, I got to thinking...

I've got all these hobbies. Sustainability hobbies. These things take time. Not everybody has lots of time. But many people want eco-friendly options. Simple options.

So I'm taking my hobbies public.

My booth is called the Eventual Farmer, which reflects my realization that the more I learn about mainstream production of food and goods, the more I'd like to be able to make things for myself and my family. I'm trying to, in my small way, move away from our love affair with consumption and get back to the simpler way of producing my own necessities. And, in the process, help my family produce less trash (even recyclables).

And the Farmers' Market is one way for me to share these homemade, simple options with others.

And so I offer four items, each with at least one repurposed or reclaimed component:

Simple Laundry Soap

Sandwich Wrap

Fabric Gift Bags

Lavender Sugar Scrub

If you'd like to see these simple options in person, find me on Tuesdays, 2 - 6pm, at the Market. I'll be there these days:

May 10 and 31,
June 7 and 21,
July 5 and 26,
Aug 9 and 23,
Sept 13 and 27,
Oct 11 and 25.

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