Saturday, May 7, 2011

The Accidental Field Trip

Last Friday's forecast: rain, and more rain.

Our emotional status: missing Grandma Sheila.

Calender says: Easter weekend.

The result: trip to Grandma's and field trip to .....

... a family friend's art gallery. This long-time friend melts glass and shapes it into beautiful and interesting forms.


Dangly things.


Your general wall art.

Although I loved seeing her Glass With Sass show, I really enjoyed the tour she gave us of her work studio.

It's housed in a purple barn that's next to her purple house and I loved seeing her supplies, works in progress, and interesting things tucked into every corner.

Look what I spied up in the rafters.

Here's the kiln.

Why on earth would anyone have a plain set of drawers, when they could have a multi-colored one?

A few generations of artists in this family.

By Saturday, we were back home, the sun had come out, and somebody felt like a good ol' fashioned game of Easter tug-of-war.

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