Friday, December 16, 2011

Redeeming the space

I love it when people turn something old, broken, and vacant into something warm, full, and darn near magical.

That's what MIX is doing. They are redeeming the space.

The edgy, empty space in our city's downtown that used to hold the Mongolian Grill (which, by the way, provided our family with a few tasty and healthy meals over the years) is being invaded with some jazzy new ideas from the ladies that run MIX and a handful of other local thinkers with a heart for cottage industries, local food, and creative fun.

It's called the Mix Marketplace.

Picture an indoor market, with snazzy lighting,

jazz piano music,



honey, jewelry, green gifts,

sweets, pork,

and a whole lot more. Very eclectic, as I happened to notice what the vendors were wearing: galoshes, bow ties, yellow gingham aprons, high-heeled boots, knitted berets, suit vests, earrings made from dried tomatillo casings, upscaled sweatshirts.

What a fun evening! Oh, and the ticklish tidbit that I overheard one vendor say to a customer: "They are such smart animals! Have you seen them with a bowling ball?"

After this blitz of holiday markets is over, I'm excited to see what settles into the space. I'm staying tuned!

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