Monday, December 19, 2011

our upcycled tree

Over the years, I've had my issues with Christmas. Not the birth of Jesus part, I'm fine with that. It's the consumerism, the crowds, the forced busyness that stuns me into inactivity every year. Last year I did find some solace in focusing on the aspects that I enjoy: music, stories, crafts. I grudgingly decorated and undecorated the tree that Music Man and the kids cheerfully brought home.

This year, the tree just got better. It got upcycled!

Huh? I know, it's baffling.

The story goes like this: a few hours after leaving a playdate, my friend calls me and says "I've got an idea!" Turns out her family celebrates Christmas early (tree, presents, and all), then leaves town for two weeks (bathing suits, dog, and all), not returning till the beginning of January, when her (by then) brittle, shedding tree is not a festive sight. Our family doesn't really get around to tackling a tree till mid-December when the string of concerts is finished.

Her idea was for our family to key into her house,

undecorate her tree,

take it to our home,

and POOF! the tree celebrates its second Christmas of the year!

Slightly grinch-like, but I like it. Hey, the grinch is green, after all.

(Thank you, S and family! I hope you are warm, relaxed, and tan, this Christmas!)


  1. Huh! The grinch IS green, I suppose. :) Merry Christmas, Keri!

  2. Brilliant idea. And brilliant storytelling. Darel looks frightening with that evil grin. - Andrew