Monday, May 7, 2012

Book Launch Events!

The book is here and in hand, and I've been so encouraged by the feedback I've been getting.  It seems that more than just me and my household likes the idea of urban gardening in the form of a children's book.  I had the opportunity to have some pre-launch exposure, at the Growing Hope Grand Opening and at a Craft/Bake Sale at my church.

The book officially launches this week at two local events.
1) Lunasa Open House Market, tomorrow, May 8, 4 - 7pm.  It will be at the Washtenaw Food Hub, which is reason itself to come check it out.
2) Mix Marketplace, Saturday, May 12, noon - 5pm.  That is in downtown Ypsi, in the old Mongolian Grill space.

Both events will have a varied group of food and artisan vendors, live music, and a seed-planting opportunity.

I hope to see you there!


  1. Keri, you are awesome! Congratulations on achieving this amazing goal. I wish I could come to the book launches! I'll be eager to hear more about how to get my very own copy. :)

  2. Congrats Keri. You are a celebrity now!! ;)

    Keri, I wanted to share a movie with you. It's an on line movie that I watched for the first time back in April. It has completely transformed the way I will garden for the rest of my life. It's called "Back To Eden". I have been sharing it with most everyone I know. It's a wonderful movie and the information is absolutely life changing. ESPECIALLY if you love the garden! I'm going to be doing a blog post about it soon. Here's the link to the movie:

    Back to your book though....are you going to be coming further north at all (perhaps North Oakland Cnty)?


  3. Ann, the Middaughs are hoping to make a quick trip to Chicago in June. We'd love to meet up with you all!

    Kelly, thanks for the movie recommendation. I'll have to check it out. I have no plans for visiting North Oakland County yet, but I'm open to invitations :)