Monday, May 28, 2012

Rich in Eggs, Sweet Persian Omelette

A fellow chicken-loving and kitchen-craving friend loaned me this curious book called simply Egg.

The recipe that I'm taking away from it is the Sweet Persian Omelette.  It's basically an eggy version of a crepe, or a puffy version of a dessert omelette.

We're fans of crepes over here, but I always feel slightly guilty serving my family a breakfast that is found in the Dessert section of the cookbook.  So this higher protein crepe-like omelette sits better with me, while still feeling like a treat.

Sweet Persian Omelette (modified from the cookbook Egg)
 (This makes 2 small servings, or 1 deluxe one.)

Mix in a medium bowl 3 teaspoons flour and 3 teaspoons sugar.  Add 3 eggs and mix well, until dry ingredients are completely incorporated.  Pour into a hot omelette pan, or smallish sauce pan.  Cook over medium heat until bottom is set.  Use a spatula to carefully turn omelette over.  It will cook quickly and puff up on this second side.  Turn out onto a plate, fold in half, and add the fillings or toppings of your choice.

The possibilities are endless: jam, syrup, sliced fruit, cream cheese, nutella, peanut butter, butter, cinnamon sugar.  My current favorite combination is cream cheese between the layers and jam on top, as pictured here.

And don't worry (MK and JK), no cats or people of Iranian decent were harmed in the making of this breakfast.

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