Friday, May 18, 2012

Empty nest, well, sort of.

There's been so much going on over here lately.  School projects, concerts, the book.  And, the chickens!

They turned 8 weeks old this past Monday and were ready to move outside.  By "ready," I mean they were outgrowing their cardboard box,

not needing the heat lamp anymore,

and getting too stinky.

Music Man graciously laid some laminate flooring in the coop to protect it from moisture (aka. droppings, aka. fill-in-the-blank).  Thanks to Mari for passing along her extra flooring to us!

The coop?  Yes, before the chicks even arrived, we had procured a spiffy coop from craigslist.

It's everything you could want in a coop; it's sturdy, roomy, and pretty.  It's based on this coop design and seemed like the right solution for us, in that it's mobile.  That way, the chickens can have access to fresh pasture (the backyard) each day while still being safe from predators (our dog).

 They forage around on the lower level, then climb up the ramp to roost in the upper area at night.

And aren't they just the prettiest hens?


Here they are poking around in the garden.

And our house is currently empty of birds.


  1. Thanks for posting the pictures and story sequence~ it's so fun to follow! Good work, Keri! Looking forward to meeting your pretty friends:-) Nancy

  2. They are beautiful! I like your coop too! I'm glad I have cats. The chickens completely dominate them, and this allows for me to let our hens free range. Do you have anything besides the laminate flooring on the floor of the coop? I really love my sand. So easy to clean and keeps the coop dry and odor free.

  3. Kelly, I remember really liking your sand idea, but it's too heavy for our chicken tractor. We've got pine shavings on top of the laminate.