Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Our Detroit Tomato Excursion

What do Detroit's People Mover and a tomato plant have in common?

Not much, and that's what makes it so fun.

This morning, my 5-yr-old, a couple of friends and I had a mission: Ride the People Mover and take some fun pictures.

Here's what came of it:

While I was having a blast walking in an honest-to-goodness city again, the girls were enthralled by the escalators.

For them, the trip consisted solely of riding the escalator and asking when they could ride the next one. It was so fun that we briefly considered installing one at home.

In between escalator rides, we walked and noticed things. I'm pretty sure we walked through the Renaissance Center to the Millender Center.

We saw the river. We saw Canada.

There was some spinning at Hart Plaza.

and the world's shortest game of hide-and-seek.

We saw the fist of Joe Louis.

And Mariners Church.

By lunchtime, we were all tuckered out and slightly grimy, so we caught the People Mover back to our car and headed home.

Thanks, DB and LB, for accompanying us!


  1. What a fun day!
    Sure beats giving final exams! ;)

  2. we had a wonderful time with guys! thank you for a great day in the city. i sure do love it there.